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Ariel Josée

As a young girl growing up in Maryland, Ariel Josée dreamed of the lights and the stage. Although many people abandon the dreams of their childhood, she pursued hers with ceaseless dedication. Whether it was singing in her bedroom, participating in school talent shows, or taking the stage in plays, Ariel was committed to finding herself in front of cameras and adoring crowds. She has grown tremendously in the wake of her endeavors including attending the prestigious Berklee College of music, recording songs as a solo performer and as a featured artist, and pursuing roles in TV and film.  Her remarkable potential has been honed into a talented craft as a singer, actress, and model.


 Ariel Josée's accomplishments as a performer are admirable, but even more remarkable is the motivation, which continues to inspire her growth as an artist and as a person. Ariel has always recognized the importance of the people in her life, as well as those who are not as fortunate to have had the means to pursue their own dreams. Her selfless nature continues to manifest itself in her humanitarian beliefs. Ariel's dream as a child was to become the performer she is today. Now her dream is to use her talents to benefit the needs of others around the world. Ariel Josée is a performer whose talent is exceeded only by the love in her heart.


- C. Murphy


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